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    Ringworm is an infectious outburst to skin,also known as Dadru in ayurveda, dermatophytosis or tinea infection in modern sciences. Due to exterior outburst of skin it exhibits a circular pattern or irregular and patchy skin with itching.It is commonly called as fungal infection of skin. As per modern science the fungal infection caused by dermatophytes is called dermatophytosis.

    Tinea infections are characterised by circular lesions which usually have margins which usually have margins with raised edges and single lesions.

    Ringworm - NirogStreet
    Ringworm - NirogStreet

    Names of tinea species according to site of lesion:

    • Scalp: Tinea capitis-scalp ringworm 
    • Body: Tinea corporis 
    • Whole body surface: Tinea universalis 
    • Neck: Tinea versicolor 
    • Beard: Tinea barbae 
    • Hand: Tinea manuum 
    • Feet: Tinea pedis-Athlete’s toes, Athlete’s feet
    • Nails: Tinea unguium 

    Factors responsible for fungal skin infection:

    Malnutrition: results in poor immunity, vulnerability and is prone for infections. 

    Heat and humidity: hot and humid climate leads to increase in sweating, keeps the skin moist,promotes the Growth of fung i as heat and humidity are the favourable conditions for fungal growth. 

    Unhygienic conditions: They are the major factors responsible for fungal growth or any microbial growth.

    Chronic disease: Any disease persisting for a longer duration of time in a person makes the person prone for various infections due to compromised immunity.

    Diabetes: Diabetic patients are more prone to fungal infection due to raised levels of sugars in blood which is the best nutrition for bacteria’s and fungi for their survival.

    Corticosteroids: Steroids are immunosuppressants, immune suppression makes the body vulnerable for a large number of infections, fungal infection is one amongst them.

    Ringworm - NirogStreet
    Ringworm - NirogStreet

    General symptoms of ringworm:

    The most common signs of ringworm are red patches with a scaly texture and persistent itching. The scaly patch may change into a circular shape or an irregular structure with well-defined margins and multiplies into one or many rings. The centre of the ring remains scaly while the margins remain raised, if ringworm is associated with the scalp it darts with a sore or bump and then turns flaky.

    Spread of Ringworm:

    Ringworm is being spread by the means of: 

    1. Skin contact 
    2. By the means of pets fur 
    3. By sharing of clothes, towel, brushes and combs
    4. By walking barefoot on soil. 
    Ringworm - NirogStreet
    Ringworm - NirogStreet

    Causes of ringworm:

    The foods which tend to increase pitta and kapha for example food items with sweet, sour, salty and pungent taste tends to increase kapha and pitta in the body and cause dadru according to ayurveda.

    There are various food Items with opposite nature are the main cause of skin disorders: 

    1. Sour curd and Milk together for a longer duration of time
    2. Taking a nap in the middle of the day after a heavy meal.
    3. Excessive intake of black gram Or we say ‘udad dal’
    4. Taking Hot and Cold Simultaneously. 
    5. Fish and milk together 
    6. Having a large intake of seafood. 

    General Management and prevention of Ringworm by the use of home remedies

    1. Avoid sour, salty and extremely sweet food items such as sweets, chocolates and Chinese food. 
    2. Avoid bakery items and fermented food such as pizza, cakes and breads. 
    3. Drinks like soda, alcohol, tea, coffee and other carbonated drinks must be totally avoided. 
    4. Non vegetarian foods must be totally avoided as long as the infection does not totally cures 
    5. Wash the affected area with neem leaves boiled in water, that water is being used after filtering and cooling.
    6. Rub papaya paste over the affected area. 
    7. Take a glass of milk with half a tablespoon of turmeric into it as it is an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the inflammation present in blood. 
    8. Avoid using wet clothes, always dry the clothes in bright sun or either iron the clothes before wearing 
    9. Do perform regular exercise, have shower after workout and dry the area carefully.
    10. Meditation is also very essential as patients suffering from fungal infections often go under psychological stress and anxiety due to lack of confidence. 
    Ringworm - NirogStreet

    When to see a doctor??

    Fungal infection is a very Discomfort Full condition and may lead a great impact on social well-being, it may lead to severe skin illness if it becomes chronic, and so it needs to be treated as early as possible. Contact to our clinic Or visit at official website of www.nirogstreet.com to consult for experts advice.


    What describes a ring in a ringworm?

    Ringworm appears as a ring structure with centre reddish, dry and scaly while. Periphery raised.

    Is ringworm contagious?

    Yes, it is contagious. It may spread either directly from skin contact or indirectly by the means of towel, clothes, comb, shoes and brushes.

    How long does the treatment of ringworm take to cure?

    Ringworm can be cured after blood purification and reducing the defected doshas in ayurveda, it takes at least 15 -30 days to cure.

    Can animals transmit fungal infection to humans?

    Yes, animals can transfer fungal infection to humans, they might not have visible ring structure, scaling or redness due to excess of hairs and fur, but. Can easily spread to humans in close contact.