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    Lifestyle disorders

    A good lifestyle is a key to a healthy ,wealthy and wise human being.We all must have heard this in childhood but as the time goes we forget to follow this and lead an unhealthy lifestyle which acts like a bridge for various diseases.

    Most common lifestyle disorders are Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, obesity and sleep disorders the main cause of these diseases is disturbed metabolism of the body. These all developed due to urbanisation and sedentary lifestyle. Diet and Exercise are the pillars of a healthy lifestyle and disturbance or unfollowing them in a proper way results as a leading. cause for disease as well. Because of this negligence India is going to be the capital for diabetes in the world.

    Because of poor and sedentary lifestyle one amongst fourth death is due to non communicable lifestyle disorders.

    Lifestyle Disorders - NirogStreet

    Management of Lifestyle disorders from Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is a treasure of nature, it has a great important daily regimen called "Dinacharya". According to Ayurveda the person who follows dincharya with all respects always remains healthy, wealthy and wise, being diseased free is just a complimentary effect of it. Now let's discuss disease management from Ayurveda:

    1. Nidana Parivarjan: According to it, the cause of disease must be transformed, suppose if disease is caused due to persistent eating and idol sitting than treatment. Must include fasting, light diet and exercise.
    2. Ahara:Ayurveda emphasised a great importance for ahara, ahara is the key for good life and similarly for disease as well if followed in a wrong manner. Always consume a wholesale diet according to your body.
    3. Vyayam and yoga: It is very essential for a healthy body and healthy mind, do follow vyayam Or exercise daily based on the capacity of body.
    4. Rutucharya: Therapeutic emesis to treat the vitiated kapha responsible for causing skin disease.
    5. Satmya: Never follow a diet or lifestyle regimen which is not suitable for your body. 

    So like this Ayurveda has many more ways to manage the lifestyle. Disorders successfully by a natural way and avoiding its re-occurrence as well.

    If you want to get rid of your diabetes, hypertension , thyroid, arthritis or any other lifestyle disorder please visit our clinic for expert advice.