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    Acne Acne vulgaris - NirogStreet

    Acne implies a negative impact and lack of confidence in one’s mind and body.Every one person out of ten would agree to it,specially when we plan for some special occasion or event it often breaks off which always disappoints us.Many common incidents are there such as; after travelling ,after attending a function,after applying makeup,premenstrual period,having your favourite food from a restaurant,after shaving or waxing ,but why does this happens to us ?

    Have you ever noticed why this happens to us and what could be the measures to prevent and manage this?????

    General Causes of Acne?

    Acne is a chronic skin condition which always keeps following you and makes your adolescence and adult life miserable.
    Small acne is often very common following the forehead and nose area,shoulders and back which goes away on their own and does not need any specific treatment for it.
    Acne breakout is always featured by large pus filled lumps beneath the skin .
    Now we will discuss the various causes of Acne in brief ;

    1. Sebum Production: sebaceous glands are responsible for production of oils secreted through the skin pores. Excess secretions of sebaceous glands leads to the breakout of acne.
    2. Medications: Acne may also outbreak as a consequence or side effect of steroidal medicines such as corticosteroids since it interferes with the normal functioning of hormones in the body.
    3. Stress: People with acne prone skin are likely to have acne very often as a consequence of stress because stress directly impairs the normal functioning of metabolism and hormones in the body.
    4. Bacteria: There are large number of bacteria present in the environment around us which may easily lodged in our skin through open pores and make them clogged, ultimately leading to acne breakout. So,it is very essential to keep the face clean.
    5. Diet: Food rich in carbohydrates may worsen our acne,since bacteria mainly survives on sweets and carbohydrate rich diets ,these meals promote the survival of bacteria, so one must avoid sweets and carbohydrates while trying to treat acne.
    6. Makeup: Makeup clogs the pores and irritates our skin, so it is very necessary to clean the face carefully and gently after wearing the makeup. A good skin care daily routine is necessary for those who wear makeup daily.
    7. Harsh face wash and Napkin: people often gets very conscious about their skin after acne outbreaks, and blindly apply any face wash frequently and ignores the napkin they are using on face,which even irritates the skin more and worsen it,always use a face wash which is according to your skin, commonly benzoyl peroxide and paraben free and a, cotton napkin for your face.
    Acne Acne vulgaris - NirogStreet
    Acne Acne vulgaris - NirogStreet

    Types of acne along with signs and symptoms?

    1. Blackheads: dark spots mainly on edges of nose and the cheek area close to the nose, caused mainly due to over secretion of sebaceous glands, usually visible for close distance, it is needed to be removed regularly.
    2. Whiteheads: close bumps mainly due to bacteria and dead skin and sebum enclosed into them, eventually gets converted into pus formation, it needs to be dried up and healed on its own, to avoid popping up.
    3. Papules: small reddish pink bumps, cause is same as whiteheads, popping papules on skin irritates the hair follicles and causes sepsis, needs a regular cleansing therapy for treatment.
    4. Pustules: bigger and similar to whiteheads, filled with pus and blood, avoid scratching and pricking.
    5. Fungal Acne occurs mainly any fungal infection due to hair follicle, causes itching and inflammation, avoiding touching and scratching may lead to permanent scar.
    6. Nodules: hard and deep rooted pimples in skin, most difficult of pimples to treat.

    Remedies to prevent and treat Acne at home?

    Now, coming to the part we were awaited for,the conclusion,above text made ourselves understood about pimples as well as about their nature,now we will discuss about prevention and management about pimples,opting for an ayurvedic approach is the safest way to treat as skin is been concerned since skin is the sensitive and most delicate region of the body.

    1. Skin care routine: proper cleansing of face before bed with a good face [according to the skin type], wash and fresh water gently and wipe the face with a soft cotton, separate napkin.
    2. Moisturisation: moisturise the skin with a hydrating moisturiser at night and avoid any other creams at night. Since dry skin irritates the skin even more and causes itching.
    3. Diet: Avoid chocolates and sweets on an acne prone skin it promotes the growth of bacteria, add blood purifying food instead such as bitter gourd[Karela], bottle gourd[lauki], amla etc in your meal which are having a wide quantity of antioxidant and antibacterial property. Take a cup of milk with a pinch of turmeric into it in order to treat inflammation in blood.
    4. Exercise: exercise always keeps our skin healthy, fresh and prevents clogging of pores by exfoliating them and toxins along with sweat. It is necessary to run for 30-40 mins a day to have fresh and acne free skin.
    5. Facepacks: Gentle facepacks can be used on skin at night time such as sandal wood with rose water and aloe vera. But never allow it to get completely dry, remove it before completely drying and never apply one layer over the other, it generates heat and worsens the acne.
    6. Blackhead removal: always remove blackheads and whiteheads routinely during skin care in order to avoid it getting worse.
    Acne Acne vulgaris - NirogStreet

    When to see a doctor??

    The above methods are applicable to mild to moderate types of cases pustules,nodules are not treatable at home,must consult our specialised doctors for proper treatment at nirog street clinic or our official website.