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    Acidity or hyperacidity is the burning sensation in the stomach that slowly and gradually raises upwards into the oesophagus causing Discomfort, characterised by belching [burps] and acidic reflux into the oesophagus.

    Major reasons to cause acidity are heavy diet, idle sitting after a meal, spicy food, lack of Movement, taking the second meal before digesting the first meal.

    Spicy and heat generating food disturbs the functioning of the digestive system and causes them secrete more amounts of acids in the stomach. Prolong acidity may lead to heartburn, a pricking sensation in the chest, symptoms often get raised during time and while sleeping.

    According to ayurveda, elevation of pitta dosha from its normal range causes [AMLA PITTA] acidity. As it disturbs the normal functioning of digestive fire which is called as Agni, So treatment must be followed considering the role of agni and dosha, here it must stabilise the raised pitta and disturbed agni.

    Acidity - NirogStreet
    Acidity - NirogStreet

    What are the causes of Acidity??

    • Food: food is responsible for our overall health and wellness, having a wrong combination of food in meal disturbs the general process of digestion, causes indigestion, and ultimately leads to Acidity. Eg: pizza, burger, more coffees, carbonated drinks, fermented food.
    • Sedentary lifestyle: sitting quietly in the same place for hours directly hampers digestion even after a balanced meal.
    • Stress and anxiety: a good state of body as well as mind is always required to keep the body healthy and fit.

    Ayurveda is called divaswap (daysleep) and ratri jagran (night awakened) are two major causes of acidity and many other pitta dosha aggregated diseases. So work stress, anger, anxiety always hampers the normal body functions, enzymes and hormonal secretions.

    • NSAIDS: [non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs] or in general pain killer medicines, are the major factor of causing acidity in humans. Because its action always activates the acid secreting receptors.
    • Day sleep and night awakened: in Ayurveda divaswap (Daysleep) and Ratri Jagran (Night awakening) are the major causes of acidity and all the other pitta vitiated diseases.

    What are the signs and symptoms of acidity?

    According to ayurveda, due to different body type and composition every individual faces different symptoms of acidity, because for ayurveda every patient is being considered uniquely and treated according to his body’s needs.

    Few general symptoms are as follow:  

    • Heart burn
    • Throat burn
    • Chest burn
    • Sour belching[Burps]
    • Acid reflux: regurgitation or backflow of food from stomach into the oesophagus [food pipe], in few cases there occurs emptying of gastric contents (mainly acids) outside through mouth by vomiting and diarrhoea.
    • Bloating: due to deposition of excess gas in the abdomen.
    • Heaviness: due to indigestion and gases.
    • Pain: due to abdominal distension.
    • Headache: always combined with stomach ache.
    Acidity - NirogStreet

    How to manage and treat Acidity by home remedies???

    Acidity - NirogStreet

    A. Dietary Regimen:

    In India ways to manage acidity comes from kitchen since thousands of years ago, few methods to treat acidity at home are as follow:  

    1. Cumin seeds: taking a spoon of cumin in a glass of lukewarm water always relieves acidity and its symptoms like bloating, nausea, heartburn.
    2. Mint leaves: mint has its cooling effect which soothes the acid reflux and heartburn for a while.
    3. Cloves: chewing few cloves stalks after meal can regulate acid secretions in stomach and prevents acidity,
    4. Watermelon: it hydrates the body, improves digestion and reduces acidity.
    5. Butter milk: it is the best source of food to improve digestion and reduce acidity. Add black pepper and cumin powder for better results.
    6. Chilled milk: it stabilises the burning sensation in the stomach and neutralises excess acid secretions in the stomach.

    B. Lifestyle Regimen:

    1. Walk: Follow a 15mins walk after every meal in order to initiate a better digestion.
    2. Short Meals: divide the food into 4- 6 short meals and eat after a short interval of 2-2 hours.
    3. Proper chewing: chew the food 32 times a minute for proper digestion.
    4. Sleep on the left side: sleeping on the left side supports the stomach against gravity and its connection with oesophagus thus causing a good Digestion.
    5. Pain killer with antacid: every painkiller medicine must be taken with an antacid half an hour before meal and after meal only the painkiller should be taken.
    6. Avoid Day sleep and night awakening: get on bed timely after two hours from dinner, must sleep by 11pm, and day sleep must be totally avoided.
    Acidity - NirogStreet

    When to see a doctor??

    Hyperacidity must not be avoided if frequent episodes of vomiting and diarrhoea are there, and when there is a chronic acidity or Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Consult immediately to us at our clinic or through our official website.


    Can acidity cause headache???

    Yes, acidity may cause headache but it would be accompanied by abdominal pain in the upper chest region.

    Does acidity cause ulcers??

    Yes, definitely excessive secretions of acids in the stomach may corrode the mucosal lining of the stomach, ultimately leading to stomach ulcers.

    Why acidity causes heart pain and heart burns, even if heart is not the part of digestion?

    There is a sphincter joining the oesophagus and stomach called cardiac sphincter because it is close to the heart so, backflow of stomach acid into oesophagus causes heartburn and pain.