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Swarnamrut Drops

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Swarnamrut is indicated in Children from infant age to the age of 16 years to help improve their growth and immunity. view detail

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Use of Gold in children is a unique practice mentioned in Ayurveda as “Swarnaprashan” in various Ayurveda Classics. Acharaya Kashyapa coined this term. These classical books explain the use of Swarna (Gold) in Children for the benefits of improving intellect, digestion, and metabolism, physical strength, immunity, complexion, fertility and life span. Only thoroughly purified and processed 1,2 Gold is used in this procedure.

Scientific studies have proved “Swarnaprashan” has a significant effect in improving immunity which was confirmed by its effect on triggering the response of immunological system by the rise in the total protein and serum IgG levels. Also it is reported to have stimulatory effect on peritoneal mactophages which may be helpful to fight against infections.

Composition :

Each gm prepared from :

Swarna Bhasma(Generiv Preparation) 1 mg

Brahmi Ghrita (Generic Preparation) 500 mg

Madhu (Honey) 400 mg Approved Excepients (Emulsifiers, stabilizers) used QS


Swarnamrut is indicated in Children from infant age to the age of 16 years to help improve their growth and immunity. Swarnamrut also helps to improve intellect, memory, grasping power and overall development of the body and mind.


Children and infants having serious medical conditions should consult the physician before starting Swarnamruta.


1. New born to 2 years – 4 drops every day

2. 2 to 6 years – 6 drops every day

3. 6 years & above – 8 drops every day

Take it on an empty stomach preferably in the morning

Do not have food at least for 30 minutes after consumption of Swarnamrut Drops

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swarnprashan is a boon of ayurveda. and this

Amrita Priyadarshini Posted on 23/01/2020

It is good product with promising results

Preeti Bhosle Dutta Posted on 15/01/2020

Good product

Dr Reena Arora Posted on 14/01/2020

swarnamrut drops is advisable to all children

Pushpa Yadav Posted on 14/01/2020
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