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How to navigate around Nirog Partner?
Navigate to Nirog Partner from the second header under the Partnership section, where you'll have access to various features. Monitor new appointment requests in the Appointment Requests section and follow their progress in My Appointments after consultation. Additionally, you can place orders for patient medications and earn substantial margins.
Please elaborate on the patient consultation process.
The patient consultation process comprises of the following simple steps:
1. You will be able to see all new patient leads under Appointment Requests in Nirog Partner.
2. You can edit/view and update the information as per your consultation with the patient.
3. You can view the status of the appointment under My Appointments in Nirog Partner.
My profile is not visible in Find Doctors. What are the prerequisites for that?
To appear on Find Doctors, ensure your profile is updated with the following fields:
1. Confirm that the Profile toggle is set to Public.
2. Ensure that Education, Specialization, Services, and Experiences are filled out; otherwise, your profile will not be visible.
How will I charge for follow-up appointments from the patient?
Nirogstreet does not guarantee any financial gains on the website, as the charging for follow-up appointments is contingent upon the interactions between the doctor and the patient during the private and confidential Google Meet sessions.
What if the medicine I wish to recommend is not on the NirogStreet Platform?
NirogStreet encourages doctors to utilize NirogPartner for placing orders on behalf of their patients, offering them the chance to earn margins. In the event that a specific medicine is unavailable on the platform, you can either recommend an alternative medication to the patient or include it in the prescription for them to acquire from external vendors.
How will I come to know about the address of the patient to place NirogPartner orders?
When initially placing the patient's order, you'll need to obtain their address either during the Google Meet session or later via call or text. This is a one-time requirement for each patient. Once the address is added, there's no need to repeat the process for subsequent appointments unless there's a change in the patient's address.
Who will ensure that the patients buy from NirogStreet and no other platform?
The likelihood of a patient placing their order through the NirogStreet platform depends entirely on the quality of consultation provided and the doctor's prescription.
What if the medicine value is lower than the minimum order value?
In case the medicine value is lower than the minimum order value, the patient has to pay the standard delivery charges for the medicines.
In case of order cancellation, will I get my margins?
If the partnership order is canceled, you won't qualify to receive any margins. However, if only a portion of the order is canceled, you'll still be eligible for partial margins.

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