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Yogi Amit Raj
Cancer, Liver Chirrosis Treatment , Artheritis Treatment , Childhood Arthritis Treatment, Acne Treatment , Abdominal Problems, Abhyangam Massage, Abhyangam, Adolescence Guidance, All Chronic diseases, All Panchakarma Therapies, Acidity Treatment , Anti Stress Therapies, All Acute and Chronic diseases Treatment , Anal disorders, Ayurvedic sex treatment for men, Sexologist, Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist, Sexual Disorders, Sexual Disorders (Male Infertility), STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) Treatment, Sexual Disorders (Female Infertility), Obesity Treatment, Slip Disc Treatment , Alzheimer's Disease Treatment, Ano rectal Problems, Asthama Treatment , Chronic Respiratory Disease, Respiratory Problems Treatment , Allergy Treatment , Actopic Dermatitis Treatment , Alcohal Addiction Treatment , Ayurveda Consultancy , Ano rectal Surgery, Ayurved Treatment, Anxiety Treatment , Arthritis Management, Auto immune disorders, Ayurveda Prakriti asssessment, All types of viral fever Treatment , Ayurveda Doctor
8 years of experience
Narendranagar, Tehri Garhwal
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