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    Skin disease

    Today in this modern era everyone is very conscious about his looks ,face and personality, where any pigment or acne on the face or body reduces the entire confidence of a person. Skin problems can affect at any age group.it includes 4D’s Discomfort, Disfigurement, Disability and Death.

    There are various skin problems prevailing these days ,most common amongst them are Eczema, Urticaria, Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Acne and dermatitis. This disease not only deteriorates the confidence of an individual but also leads to psychological stress on the mind of the individual. Ayurveda believes the major cause of all skin problems is due to imbalance of doshas and dhatu’s such as impurity of blood. Which transmits in the entire body by circulation and causes the signs of inflammation and other persisting symptoms.The treatment must emphasise on complete penetrative and detoxifying abilities of treatment. The ayurvedic approach of treatment is by eliminating the route cause of disease and restoration of complete heath as well as avoiding the chances of relapse of disease.

    Skin Diseases - NirogStreet

    Management of Skin problems by Ayurveda

    There are various  procedures in ayurveda for treatment of skin diseases based  on the root cause of disease,some of the treatments are as follow:

    1. Udhwartana: Process of dry or powdered massage in order to absorb the pus cells and impurities on skin ,where the dry herbal powders are being used.
    2. Lepan: It is facepacks made up of medicated herbs and used to reduce inflammation and reduce discoloration
    3. Dhoopan: here medicated fumes are used to reduce inflammation and to kill the microorganisms present such as bacteria, viruses or fungi.
    4. Vaman: Therapeutic emesis to treat the vitiated kapha responsible for causing skin disease.
    5. Virechan: Therapeutic purgation to treat the vitiated pitta cousin inflammation resulting in skin disease.
    6. Raktamokshan: Exclusion of impure blood by the means of leave therapy or shoiravedana to reduce inflammation at the site of impure blood.

    There are few more procedures for detoxifying and purifying blood followed by ayurveda.

    If you suffer from any of the above diseases please contact our clinic immediately for best treatment and experts advice.