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    Respiratory problems

    The increasing air pollution has become a universal concern for Respiratory Diseases. Sadly, the air we breathe is full of impurities, harmful gases & dust particles making our bodies more prone to diseases caused by such impurities. Diseases of the lung and airways are some of the most common causes of illness in developed countries.

    The respiratory system comprises a combination of organs and tissues associated with breathing, respiratory problems are common problems everyone sometimes faces in their lives. It could be
    cough-associated respiratory problems or
    allergy-associated asthma all creating respiratory distress or obstructing the normal breathing process.

    Ayurveda observes respiratory problems not based on the infections of microorganisms but as a systemic imbalance of the doshas.

    So, respiratory distresses can be classified according to the categories such as Kasa [cough], Shwasa[breathing issues], peenasa [Sinusitis], Pratishaya[Rhinitis].

    Respiratory problems may be minor like common cough and cold or major diseases like pneumonia. Both upper and lower respiratory systems can get affected due to these diseases.

    Management of Respiratory problems by Ayurveda

    There are various  procedures in ayurveda for treatment ofRespiratory problems based  on the root cause of disease, some of the treatments are as follow:

    1. Chronic Bronchitis:If an irritant reaches the bronchi and bronchioles and stimulates the excessive secretion of mucus, it results in Chronic Bronchitis. As the air passages get clogged, it results in a persistent cough.
    2. Emphysema:It is caused due to the breakdown of the delicate walls of the alveoli.
    3. Asthma:One suffers from asthma because of the obstructions in the bronchi and bronchioles.
    4. Pneumonia:When in the alveoli, tissue fluids are accumulated. This infection is mainly caused by bacteria and viruses.

    How Ayurved can help in Respiratory health ailments?

    Special herbs & Panchakarma therapies are very beneficial in rejuvenating the body, which is a very cost-effective way to deal with your problems and live a toxic-free life.

    Ayurvedic herbs for strengthening the lungs are available all around us. One just needs to be aware of what to use, and when. For this you just need to search around, you would find a nearby Ayurved centres across the country.