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    Pain Management

    Pain is defined as any physical or mental discomfort due to any injury or an illness. It always causes discomfort whether it is mild,moderate or severe it always disturbs the normal wellbeing of an individual.

    It could be a muscular pain as a sprain,joint pain sports injury. In the Modern Era the most common cause of pain is due to Neural and orthopaedic disorders. Such as Arthritis,Rheumatoid arthritis,Sciatica,Cervical or lumbar spondylosis etc.

    As per the duration pain can be characterised into Acute [new] or chronic [old], we often go for pain killers like paracetamol or diclofenac as a key to pain but that leads only temporary release from our discomfort and in long run these so called pain killers leads resistance and toxicity in our body.

    Ayurveda believes that pain is the most prior symptom due to vitiation or disturbance of dosha mainly vata dosha which means “Air” as air can reach  any spaces in the same manner pain may also reach any place .so in order to manage pain we must need to know the cause of main and accordingly we shall treat according to the cause ,here vata is the main cause so treatment must be in  such a way to balance and stabilise the vata dosha.

    Pain Management - NirogStreet

    Management of pain in Ayurveda:

    There are various techniques in ayurveda to manage pain based on the cause of pain called shodhan chikitsa and sthanik chikitsa means detox and local management.

    1. Agnikarma: A process where a blunt metal rod is heated and slightly penetrated to the site of pain ,pain reduces due to improved blood circulation at the site eg;heel pain,sciatica,frozen shoulder.
    2. Rakta mokshan: Where impure blood is excised from the site of pain to reduce pain and  swelling ,mainly used in skin disorders,varicose vein and swelling of joints.
    3. Marma chikitsa: It is quite similar to acupuncture where points are punctured to reduce pain
    4. Snehana: Oil massage is always helpful in reducing pain, here the procedure of massage and type of oil is based on the tendency of the individual and site.
    5. Swedana: means steaming ,also accompanied by sneha.

    Some other procedures are also there called basti and shirodhara which are also very useful and effective methods.

    If you want to get relief from your pain for a lifetime and want to stop depending on pills. Please visit our clinic.