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    Muscle Pain

    Muscle pain - NirogStreet


    Pain is a serious concern due to its high rate of prevalence globally; it is a problem needed to be discussed in brief. Chronic pain in muscle is a very common symptom and has a major effect on the body, mind and financial status of an individual.
    We need to know that all the movements of our body are carried by a specific group of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints together called the locomotor system.
    Pain and movement restrictions are the most common symptoms of defect in the locomotory system.
    Ayurveda is a treasure of Indian heritage for us specially for dealing with the locomotor system,it not merely treats the symptoms and its cause but also prevents yourself from being a sufferer of such ailments but a good and healthy lifestyle.
    It had a great success in dealing with musculoskeletal and locomotory systems thousands of years ago,today none as the technologies became as powerful to beat ayurveda as non surgical treatments are being concerned.

    General cause of locomotory diseases?

    1. Immobility or sedentary lifestyle: all the organs and body parts are designed to move, improper usage ultimately leads to inflammation, muscle wasting and its degeneration.
    2. Infections: arthritis, gout, osteomalacia, SLE, etc
    3. Deficiency: iron,calcium and vit D deficiency.
    4. NSAIDS: such as paracetamol and overuse of other pain relief pills
    5. Steroids: prolonged usage of steroids leads to bone and muscle degeneration.
    6. Metabolic disorder: sodium ,potassium and calcium ion channels imbalance
    7. Nerve damage: it affects the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

    Common diseases affecting the locomotory system

    1. Osteoarthritis
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis
    3. Ankolysing spondylitis
    4. Frozen shoulders
    5. Lower back pain
    6. Tendonitis
    7. Plantar fasciitis
    8. Tennis elbow
    9. Calcaneal spur
    10. Spondylolisthesis

    How can your doctor diagnose the cause of muscle pain?

    Generally, patients are not able to find out the causes of their pain. Here are some diagnostic tools for your doctor who can find out the cause of the disease. He/She may ask for some blood tests, radiological tests such as CT Scan or MRI, Electromyography, and Muscle biopsy.

    Home Remedies to manage muscular pain

    1. Exercise: mild to moderate daily exercise is advised depending upon the strength to regulate the normal functioning of the system.
    2. Oil massage: abhyanga or oil massage balances the disturbed vata ,which is a major causative agent of all the locomotor diseases.
      It lubricates the tissues and provides strength to them.
    3. Steam: swedana or steam therapy is the best treatment followed by massage. It nourishes and relaxes the muscle and enhances the results of oiling.
    4. Dietary regimen: add unsaturated fatty acids in your diet and other healthy fats such as cow ghee for nourishing the tissues.
    5. Sunlight: exposure yourself to sunlight specially during sunrise
    6. Posture: always maintain a proper posture in order to prevent the postural defect which may lead to severe pain in future.

    When to Consult a doctor?

    All the above measures can give you relief from pain and help to heal fast ,but you must consult a doctor if you have chronic muscle pain,it may lead to serious locomotory illness. Visit the clinics of nirog street or consult online to the experts.


    Can muscle pain be healed on its own?

    No,it's not in fact it may lead to severe ailments like arthritis if left untreated

    Can muscular defects be cured without surgery?

    Yes,it can be cured without surgery with ayurveda procedures ,therapies as well as proper lifestyle management.