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    Low back pain or backache (katishool) is commonly an occupational hazard in many different kinds of work. People may pull or strain their back muscles while lifting a desk in front of a computer.The main cause is muscle strain of soft structures such as sprain and many other types of mechanical injuries some other factors are also responsible for it such as,poor diet and bad posture. Emotional factors can also lead to back pain, as can injuries, such as from a car accident. Some people may even have a slipped disk, which can lead to back pain. Low back pain can also be the result of spinal disc problems,injury to ligaments from spinal cord,or due to certain spinal cord cancers, herniated disc, sciatica, arthritis, kidney infections or spinal infections etc. Low back pain is the biggest reason to call for a doctor ,nowadays,it is a professional disability.Back pain is most likely to occur in an individual amongst 35-50 age group,but nowadays it may prevail in any age groups even below 30 due to obesity and poor lifestyles.

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    According to ayurveda kati is the location of vata dosha,and thus aggravated vata manifests in the lower back causing pain and stiffness,in order to treat the katishool(back pain) vata dosha suppressing and stabilising treatment should be considered for which healthy oils and fats must be administered through local application as well as through our diet such as ;a cup of cow milk with one spoon of cow ghee must be taken by every individual after the age of 35,in order to nourish tissues and oiling the joints for proper functioning and avoiding the chances of mechanical injury.

    Lower back pain can be classified as:

    • Acute: if it lasted less than 6 weeks
    • Subacute: if it lasted between 6-12 weeks
    • Severe: if it is lated for more than 12 weeks

    What are the possible causes of lower back pain?

    1. Prolonged standing and sitting
    2. Overindulging in physical activities
    3. Trauma
    4. Sleeping late at nigh
    5. Obesity
    6. Riding for long routes

    What are the possible causes of lower back pain?

    1. Pain in lower back
    2. Stiffness in lower back
    3. Restricted movements

    Risk factors of back pain?

    1. Age: mainly old age,due to bone degeneration such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia, makes more prone to injuries
    2. Smoking: smoking disturbs the entire physiology of the body, restricts the calcium reabsorption by the bones and deteriorates bone density.
    3. Obesity: major cause of back pain due to excessive pressure at the vertebral column.
    4. Sedentary lifestyle: making the body rigid and vulnerable for injury
    5. Physiological factors: such as less absorption of vit D which helps to maintain the muscular and body posture
    6. Activity: continuously standing jobs such as chefs, watchmans, hotel and flight attendants are likely to have backaches.

    Investigations needed for back pain?

    • X RAYS; 
    • MRI 
    • CT SCAN 
    • CBC 
    • Discography

    Management of pain according to ayurveda?

    Whatever the cause of your back pain, ayurveda can treat you most of the time with the help of different treatment modalities such as Panchkarma, Marma therapy, Agni karma, Yoga and postures, and through ayurveda Medicines.

    When to see a doctor??

    Whenever you face above-mentioned symptoms it's time to consult an Ayurveda doctor


    What are the causes of backache?

    It occurs mainly due to mechanical injury such as sprains or joint irritation.

    Is backache a genetic problem?

    There is no clear indication of genetic linkage,it mainly depends on injury,physical activity and body weight.

    Does bed rest improve the backache?

    No,bedrest even makes the problem worse,mild exercise is always recommended for it.

    Which kind of exercise improves the backache?

    Mainly the core exercises, strengthening the abdominal and trunk as well as a good body posture helps to cure back pain fast.

    Does being overweight slow down the healing of back pain?

    Yes,obesity places more pressure on the vertebral column ultimately leads to prolonged back pain.

    Can backache be only treated by surgery?

    No,there are various procedures in ayurveda such as kati basti which gives relief from backache even after the first procedure.