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    Liver Cirrhosis


    It is a condition where the liver tissues are replaced with the scar tissues to gradually replace the healthy liver cells. It often occurs after a long period of time because of addiction to alcohol and any chronic infection.

    After major damage to the liver it gets difficult to correct and replace the liver, but on diagnosing the liver damage at an early stage it becomes easy to treat and repair the liver damage. The liver acts like an all-time power house of our body. All the major functions of the body are performed by the liver. It filters toxins from the blood, helps in the process of digestion, stores sugar and nutrition, and helps to fight against infections.

    After every damaged cell liver repairs itself and leaves a scar behind, this scar changes the spongy texture of the liver into a hard and fibrous structure. After being completely fibrous the liver loses its functional ability and becomes functionally dead.

    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet

    Signs and symptoms of liver cirrhosis

    Symptoms of liver cirrhosis are not seen at initial few days, it shows only after damaging a certain part of liver and after its repair making it fibrous.

    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet
    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet

    Few general symptoms associated with liver cirrhosis are

    1. Fatigue and weakness: Due to decreased storage capacity of sugar and nutrients into the liver.
    2. Lack of appetite and weight loss: Due to disturbance in metabolism, the digestive process gets hampered and leads to poor digestion and malabsorption leading to loss of appetite and weight loss.
    3. Nausea: The feeling of nausea and vomiting increased in a poorly metabolised digestive process.
    4. Edema: symptoms like swelling in legs and hands are seen very commonly due to poor electrolyte metabolism causing bruises on skin easily after bleeding.

    Few common signs are visible on skin are as follow

    1. Jaundice: where eyes frontal part, skin and nails becomes yellow
    2. Intensive itching: due to inflammation in blood since the liver is incapable of purifying blood from toxins.
    3. Redness of palm: due to impure blood in the vessels
    4. Amenorrhea: Due to defective metabolism in the body women may experience stopping of the menstrual cycle or periods.
    5. Loss of libido: Men may experience loss of sexual urges and decreased sexual drive due to shrinkage of testicles. Some other factors may include:
      • Vomiting Blood
      • Severe muscle cramps
      • Brownish urine
      • Fever
      • Enlarged spleen
      • Bone disease causing breaking the bone more easily Symptoms may vary from person to person.
    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet

    Causes of liver cirrhosis:

    Cirrhosis is always developed due to liver infection and disease. If disease is not treated it gets worse and damages the healthy liver cells more and more leading to dead liver. So, it is very essential and important to know the cause of liver cirrhosis. Most common amongst them are:

    1. Alcohol abuse: continuous consumption of alcohol disturbs the fat metabolism in liver leading to accumulation of fat on it causing fatty liver syndrome which if not treated results in liver damage. So, it needs to be stopped as early as possible.
    2. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Obesity raises the chance for fatty liver disease, cirrhosis associated with fatty liver disease can be treated by losing weight and maintaining the blood sugar level under control.
    3. Hepatitis B and C: hepatitis leads to direct damage of liver cells but it can be prevented by taking the proper medication.
    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet
    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet

    Few other conditions responsible are:

    1. Cystic Fibrosis
    2. Excessive production of iron in the body
    3. Auto immune disorders
    4. Genetic digestive disorders
    5. Wilson’s disease: excessive storage of copper in the liver.
    6. Infections like syphilis and brucellosis.
    7. Bad reaction to certain medications.

    Management and prevention of liver cirrhosis by home remedies

    Treatment depends upon the severity of liver damage, the goal is to protect the healthy tissues left. The primary effort is to stop the reasons causing the liver cirrhosis. Things needed to include are as follow:

    1. Stop drinking alcohol, there are a number of de-addiction programs to stop alcohol which can be taken on doctor’s advice.
    2. Obese persons are needed to reduce their weights because it leads to fatty liver cirrhosis.
    3. Take proper medications for hepatitis B and c
    4. Eat a more protein rich diet which can regenerate liver damage.
    5. Eat a low sodium diet if suffering from swelling in hands, legs or abdomen because this can reduce the water retention that occurs due to sodium intake.
    6. Maintain good hygiene in daily routine work
    7. Avoid foods with added sugars into it or high carbohydrates value.
    8. Take omega 3 fatty acids because it maintains the cholesterol levels in the body and also reduces the fats deposited over the liver treating the liver damage as well.
    9. Vit E supplements are also antioxidants which helps to reduce the inflammation of liver caused in liver cirrhosis.
    10. Avoid oily and spicy foods on a frequent basis because it can easily result in liver damage.
    11. Exercise daily to maintain a good health and metabolism of the body.
    Liver cirrhosis - NirogStreet

    When to see a doctor??

    People suffering from liver cirrhosis must visit a doctor after observing the initial symptoms of liver damage .It must not be ignored for a longer time, otherwise it would result in non-functionality of the liver. Contact immediately to a good doctor, Visit to our clinic or contact online at www.nirogstreet.com for experts’ opinion and advice.


    What is cirrhosis?

    It is defined as severely scarred liver. Scars are formed after the liver heals from an injury.

    Does only alcoholic persons suffer from liver cirrhosis?

    No, apart from alcoholics, non-alcoholic cirrhosis is also present such as fatty liver cirrhosis, due to hepatitis B and C and dude to other diseases as well.