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    Digestive issues

    Digestion is a very essential process of the human body . Our body is built only from the food which we eat ,if the process gets disturbed it will lead to a great harm to our body. Our complete metabolism is based on the process of digestion and it hampers the entire body tissues and systems. It highly influences what we eat, when we eat and how we eat. Digestion is a general process of breaking food from complex into simple absorbable form and excluding the waste products from the body. Disturbance in the process of digestion results in diseases like Anorexia, IBS, IBD, Gas, Acidity, bloating, ulcers,Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease ,Malnutrition,obesity and many more.

    Ayurveda believes the above process occurs due to agni Or digestion fire of the body , digestion would be proper only if agni is good and all the doshas which are vara, pitta and kapha would be balanced.

    Causes of disturbed digestive fire are Overeating, Food without hunger, Eating in indigestion, Sleeping after meal, Taking too much water after meals, Eating very fast, Virudhahara (diet opposite to body’s tendency)

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    Management of digestive issues by Ayurveda

    There are various  procedures in ayurveda for treatment of skin diseases based  on the root cause of disease,some of the treatments are as follow:

    1. Langhan: Also known as fasting, where the stomach and digestive fire has given rest to activate itself and improve the process of digestion,a light diet can also be given to patients who can’t tolerate hunger.
    2. Detox diet: Ayurveda can make you detoxify all the toxins in the body by various detox diets according to your body type.
    3. Vaman: Also known as therapeutic vomiting can help to reduce and exclude the toxins deposited in the stomach by mouth which were causing heaviness in the body.
    4. Virechana: It is called therapeutic purgation where all the toxins are eliminated from the small intestine by anus and relieves the body from effects of poor digestion,improves the digestive capacity as well.
    5. Basti: It is called therapeutic enema for the people suffering from chronic constipation and have predominance of vata in their body.It is the ideal treatment for digestive problems and best amongst panchkarma.

    If you too suffer from any of the digestive problems ,do not waste time in ignoring your problems, contact us immediately to our clinic for best therapies to get relief.