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    Constipation is a term defined as absence of passage of stools or technically if we say then it means passing of less than 3 stools a weak, in Ayurveda it is termed as “Mala Vibandh” means obstruction of faeces or bowel movement which is hard to pass, in general considered as unsatisfactory bowel movements. Some general characteristics exhibited by constipation are solid hard stools, painful defecation.

    Constipation is a very common gastrointestinal problem experienced by a lot of people, there are various reasons to cause constipation disturbing the normal process of absorption, stool formation and propelling stools from the large intestine.

    Constipation may be due to being on a poor diet with insufficient fibre, poor fluid intake or side effects of any medication for eg antibiotic, mechanical obstruction or a serious problem such as colon cancer.

    Adults are more likely to develop constipation due to changes in their diet and dietary habits, medications and intestinal motility, about 2% of the global population suffers from recurrent constipation more commonly the females.

    Constipation - NirogStreet
    Constipation - NirogStreet

    Constipation in children

    Constipation in children develops due to three distinct points in time:  

    1. In Infants on starting the formula milk
    2. In Toddlers during toilet training
    3. In kindergarten ship due to change in food types

    Risk Factors:

    1. Old age
    2. Female gender
    3. Lack of physical exercise
    4. Low calorie diet
    5. Excess of protein diet without probiotics
    6. Low amount of fibres in diet
    7. High intake of junk foods such as pizza, burgers etc.
    Constipation - NirogStreet
    Constipation - NirogStreet

    General causes of constipation:

    Constipation mainly occurs when the large intestines absorb excess water leading to a dry and stony stool passes. It may also be due to inadequate bowel walls contraction to expel stools and the waste products, the general cause behind that are:  

    1. Poor dietary habits
    2. Less mobility and lack of exercise in daily routine
    3. Ageing, stress and travelling history
    4. Ignoring the natural urges of defecation and ignoring it.
    5. Inadequate water intake in drinking
    6. Medications such ascalcium iron and protein supplements.
    7. Secondary disease like anal fissure, hypercalcemia, rectal cancer.

    Risk Factors:

    1. Old age
    2. Female gender
    3. Lack of physical exercise
    4. Low calorie diet
    5. Excess of protein diet without probiotics
    6. Low amount of fibres in diet
    7. High intake of junk foods such as pizza, burgers etc.
    Constipation - NirogStreet
    Constipation - NirogStreet

    What are the signs and symptoms of constipation?

    Constipation exhibits various symptoms some of them are following:  

    1. Passing of hard stools
    2. Abdominal pain and feeling of constriction around intestines
    3. Headache
    4. Malaise [discolouration]
    5. Straining during stool passage
    6. Unsatisfactory bowel evacuation.

    Complications of constipation:

    In chronic stage constipation may lead to severe illness such as:  

    1. Bowel obstruction
    2. Haemorrhoids
    3. Rectal prolapse
    4. hernia
    5. Ulcerative coilitis
    6. Laxative abuse: due to perisant constipation a large number of population depends on laxatives for defecating, it in long term disturbs the normal physiology of intestines.
    Constipation - NirogStreet
    Constipation - NirogStreet

    Investigations for constipation and their diagnosis:

    1. Sense of incomplete or unsatisfactory bowel evacuation for more than 25% cases in 2 weeks.
    2. Hard or sgtony stools more than 25% times in 2 weeks.
    3. Number of bowels 2 or less than 2 a week.
    4. Feeling of ano rectal blockage more than 20% of bowel movements.


    1. Stool examination
    2. Barium enema
    3. Lower GI endoscopy
    4. Ultrasonography
    5. Haemogram
    6. Sigmoidoscopy
    Constipation - NirogStreet
    Constipation - NirogStreet

    General management of constipation by home remedies:

    1. Consume light, high fibre and easily digestible foods
    2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
    3. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with half a table spoon of cumin in it early morning it helps in proper bowel evacuation.
    4. Perform exercise on a regular basis daily for better digestive capacity.
    5. Follow a healthy dietary regimen and include fruits, green leafy vegetables and fibre rich diet.
    6. Avoid bakery items, oily and spicy foods, and preserved foods.
    7. Avoid overuse of caffeine in tea and coffee’s.
    8. Stop smoking if you remains persistently constipated.

    When to see a doctor??

    In general constipation is a common problem, but chronic constipation must not be avoided. As it may lead to serious illness such as ulcerative coilitis, recal prolapse or even rectal cancer, do consult a good doctor if you diagnose constipation by the above points. Consult to our clinic or visit to the official website of nirog street for experts advice.


    What is constipation?

    Having infrequent and hard to pass bowel habit accompanied by pain, hard stools had passing 2 or less 2 bowels a week is called constipation.

    What are the causes of constipation?

    Poor diet, mediction, ibs, poor bowel habits, lack of exercise and dehydration.

    Does constipation needs any treatment?

    Yes, chronic constipation definitely needs treatment otherwise it will lead to severe problems like rectal cancer, ulcerative colitis and many others.

    Does constipation reoccur after treatment?

    Yes, after treatment constipation may reoccur if you do not follow the dietary regimen and a proper lifestyle measures, the physiological function of the intestine will disturb.