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WINTER (Hemant Ritu and Shishir Ritu)

  • Hemant- (mid Nov to mid Jan)
  • Sisiram – (mid Jan to mid-March)

Dosha Status During Winter


Vayor greeshmadishu threeshu

Varshadishu cha pittasya

Shleshmana punah sisiradishu.


Greeshma- Vata Chay                                     Varsham-Pita chay                                    Sisiram-Kapha Chay

Varsham- Vata Kopa                                       Sharat- Pita Kopa                                       Vasantham-Kapha Kopa

Sharat- Vata Samana                                      Hemantha- Pita Samana                           Greeshma-Kapha samanam




In Hemanth Ritu(winter) due to the sita Guna, the air in the atmosphere is cold. The cold atmosphere blocks or obstructs the normal flow of heat or agni to the outside. Due to this, more heat is produced in our body and agni or digestive fire will become more.

This increased agni is capable of digesting large quantities of food. If we are not consuming proper nutritious food at proper time, agni will start to attack the dhatus (tissue levels) and will finally result in vata prakopa.

So, we should take proper nutritious timely meals in winter to prevent vata prakopa as it may lead to dhatu paka.

Winter is the best season to improve our immunity because during this season hunger will be more and digestive system works better, as a result food digests easily.

Hence, in this period one should consume food predominant with sweet, sour and salt tastes. If not, it affects the quality of Rasa dhatu. If Rasa dhatu gets depleted, Vata dosha become imbalanced. 

It may lead to symptoms like gastritis, bloating, abdominal colic pain, body aches, headache, joint pain etc.






It indicates that you can have all sorts of nutritious food during winter.

As per Acharya Susrutha:

Hemanthe lavana ksharathiktakatukalkadam

Sasarpisthailaahimamasanam hitamisyate.

Hemanthe vatakapho cheeyate..

Because of vatakapha Chaya, need to give conditional importance to thikta katu rasa. Otherwise, it may lead to agnimandya.

Include spices like cardamom, cinnamon etc. This will help to control the kaph prakopa of winter. winter is the best season to improve our immunity because the increased digestive fire, agni, whatever food we consume get easily digest and absorbed to the system, this will help to enhance our immunity level.

  • Avoid fasting during winter.
  • As the nights are longer, person feels hungry every morning (going to bed early and rising early can help you to create a perfect balance)

ABHYANGAM(Oil massage with steam)- Highly recommended:

Abhyangam with vatahara oils like dhanwantharam thailam, balathailam,mahanarayana thailam, etc mentioned in Classical Ayurvedic texts. It will help to improve circulation and also works on the lymphatic system. helps to calm the mind and nervous system.

It relieves winter-related skin issues like dry skin, skin rashes, cracked heals, dandruff, etc. helps to relax muscles and relieves aches and pain.

Abhyangam should be done at least once a week, if not every day.

Also perform indoor activities like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. All these small activities help to stay healthy during the winter season.