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    Anaemia occurs when the number of circulating blood cells in the body decreases. It is a common disease occurring in the majority of the population mainly in women, children and old aged people.

    Talking about the general fact we know that after 120 days old Rbcs breakdown and new RBCs formation occurs. If the balance between old RBCs destruction and new RBCs formation disturbs then it leads to scarcity of RBCs in the blood causing Anaemia. Anaemia is always associated with some common symptoms such as fatigue, Breathlessness, body ache, and headache.

    We can easily depict anaemia even without confirmatory investigations by examining the tongue, conjunctiva of eyes, nails, and palm, showing paleness.

    Anemia - NirogStreet
    Anemia - NirogStreet

    Symptoms associated with anaemia:

    The general Symptoms of anaemia are known to everyone and are quite common like fatigue and body pain, some other amongst them are:

    1. Pale (whitish ) complexion
    2. Fast and irregular heartbeat
    3. Shortness of breath
    4. Chest pain
    5. Headache
    6. Lightheadedness
    7. Mouth ulcers in severe cases
    8. Back Pain
    9. Brittle nails
    10. Urge to bite nails and to eat clay

    The clinical features of an ankylosing spondylitis

    Back Pain with episodic inflammation of the sacroiliac joints in the late teenage years or early twenties. 

    Pain in one or both buttocks and low back pain and stiffness are typically worse in the morning and relieved by exercise.

    Anemia - NirogStreet

    Types of Anaemia:

    There are various type of anaemia that have different symptoms associated with it. Some common types of anaemia include:

    Iron Deficiency Anaemia: It is the most common type of anaemia exhibited in the majority of the population, it occurs mainly because of decreased formation of rbc due to iron deficiency because iron is the key component of rbc formation. Causes of iron deficiency are:

      • Low intake of iron in diet
      • Due to heavy menstruation
      • Heavy exercise or endurance training
      • Frequent blood donation
      • Deficiency of VitC in diet because vit C helps in absorption of iron from diet.
      • Outflow of blood from the body from various diseases of GI tract such as Crohn’s diseases, Ulcerative colitis, piles and IBD.


    • Fatigue
    • Lightheadedness
    • Cold extremities
    Anemia - NirogStreet
    Anemia - NirogStreet

    Vit B12 deficiency Anaemia: VitB12 is essential for the production of the RBCs. If vit B12 is not sufficient in diet it will lead to B12 deficiency in the body.

    Common symptoms associated with Vit B12 deficiency are:

    • Difficulty in walking
    • Confusion and dementia
    • Vision problem
    • Diarrhoea
    • Glossitis associated with a smooth, red tongue

    Aplastic Anaemia: This is the rare case of anaemia when bone marrow doesn’t form. It is due to the result of autoimmune disease that damages the stem cells. Despite having normal levels of iron in the blood the rbc formation doesn’t occur.

    Symptoms of Aplastic Anaemia are:

    1. fatigue
    2. Frequently exposing to infections
    3. Skin rashes due to destruction of rbcs
    4. Getting a bruise on skin easily.
    Anemia - NirogStreet

    Haemolytic Anaemia: It is the condition of anaemia where the rate of destruction of rbc is faster than rate of production. There could be a variety of causes associated with it such as autoimmune disease, infections, genetic cause or due to bone marrow insufficiency. Inherited conditions include sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia and thalassemia.

    Symptoms associated with haemolytic anaemia are:

    1. Dizziness
    2. Weakness
    3. Jaundice
    4. Dark coloured urine
    5. Fever
    6. Abdominal pain
    Anemia - NirogStreet

    Causes of Anaemia:

    There are various causes of anaemia, firstly we have rbc for work and maintaining the functions of the body. So, we need rbc to survive. They contain haemoglobin which provides oxygen to all the cells of body and regulating there function, different types of anaemia is caused due to different factors, There is no specific cause of anaemia but still we can classify three major reasons to cause anaemia.

    1. Blood loss
    2. Impairment of RBC
    3. Destruction of RBC

    Blood loss: Blood loss is the major cause of iron deficiency anaemia in body, it could be accute or chronic and could be due to various reasons such as: Trauma, menstruation, childbirth as accute blood loss chronic blood loss can be due to depletion of blood from a long period of time. Stomach ulcers, endometriosis, Crohn’s. Disease, Cancer, intestinal ulcers like ulcerative colitis.

    Impaired RBC production: Bone marrow is responsible for the production of RBC everyone knows that if any defect is occurred to the bone marrow then it results in defected RBC production. Most common cause of bone marrow defect is leukaemia a cancer causing an excessive and abnormal production of wbc.

    Destruction of RBC’SRBC’: Usual life of an RBC is 120 days after that it degenerates and new RBC formed overtakes its function. Due to autoimmune disorder the process of destruction is increased leading to deficiency of RBC in the blood.

    Anemia - NirogStreet
    Anemia - NirogStreet

    Management of Anaemia by home remedies:

    1. Iron rich diet such as spinach, reddish, carrot, ladyfinger, beetroot etc
    2. Vit C consumption must be increased in diet for which take one amla daily to improve. Iron absorption
    3. Fish, eggs, tofu and red meat must be increased in diet maintain the Vit B12 deficiency.
    4. Dry fruits like Apricot, Dates, walnuts and groundnut must be included a handful amount daily.
    5. Juices of beetroot, carrot and pomegranate must be taken daily in diet
    6. Avoid excessive work if you. Are suffering from anaemia.
    7. Correct the bleeding disorder as early as possible to avoid the blood loss from body.
    8. Exercise regularly for 30mins to maintain a good health.

    When to see a doctor??

    Anaemia always hampers our day today life activities and leads restlessness, fatigue and psychological anxiety, it needs a medical supervision to treat. Contact to our Clinic or visit online to our official. Website www.nirogstreet.com for. Expert’s advice.