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Make your digital profile on NirogStreet Platform and get visibility among patient.NirogStreet is a trust building platform for Doctor and Patient.Customisable profiles for showcasing your experiences, capabilities and achievements to the masses.Showcase your patient testimonials and success story. With NirogStreet you get realtime feedback from Patients.

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NirogStreet platform enable you to do online consultation via Chat & Video Mode. Now connect with your patient ANYTIME -ANYWHERE via NirogStreet

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NirogStreet has B2B Ecom marketplace for Ayurveda Doctors which cater to all the medicines need of Doctor. NirogStreet Ecom is a place where you can find Multibrand medicines at One Place. You can get all top brand at one place , all the medicines listed at NirogStreet Platform are GMP Certified only. Get free from the worries for medicine with NirogStreet Assurance.

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Nirog Vaidhya Tool Manage your practice

A Clinic Management Tool specially designed to cater the need of Ayurveda Doctor. It is a one stop solution for Clinic Management Worries. It takes cares on Digital Consultation, FollowUp, Inventory & Billing. With Advance tools like Prakriti Analysis it enables doctors to digitalise these practice experience and bring value to patients.

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  • NirogStreet for Ayurveda Doctor App is a learning platform for Ayurveda Doctors & Students
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