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Cancellation Policy

Doctors (hereby referred to as 'practitioners'), clinics (hereby referred to as ‘clinics’) and patients (hereby referred to as ‘users’) can cancel an appointment booked at the Nirog Street platform. Users can request to book an appointment with a practitioner or at a clinic, which needs to be subsequently verified by the second party. A request approved this way will be called ‘confirmed’. Either of the parties can cancel the appointment booked by them. Please read the document carefully to read our cancellation policy.

A. Cancellation Policy for Users

The users can cancel an appointment booked with a practitioner or a clinic in case of an event. The following rules will be applicable.

  • Users should cancel the appointment at least 2 hours before the scheduled time.
  • When cancelled within the designated time, the user shall receive a cancellation email and message.
  • A user who has cancelled within the designated time will get a refund for appointment booking. The money paid to Nirog Street will be refunded into the bank account of the user within 7-15 working days.
  • A user who has cancelled at the last moment will not be entitled to any refund.
  • After cancellation, another appointment with the same practitioner or clinic can be booked, if available.
  • Nirog Street has the right to suspend or terminate your account if the user engaged in repeated ‘no shows’ at the practitioner/clinic.

B. Cancellation Policy for Practitioners/Clinics

Nirog Street recommends all practitioners and clinics to ensure timely consultation to the patients. Our mission is to provide the right consultation from the Indian systems of medicine to our patients and to provide them a rich experience. Cancellation by the practitioners/clinics, is hence not favored, unless in case of an event.

  • The practitioners/clinics can cancel an appointment only 2 hours before the scheduled time.
  • The practitioner/clinic understands that they may not be paid for any appointments they cancel outside of the designated time.
  • We encourage our partners to contact us and inform us if any delays or chances of cancellation of appointment are expected.
  • The practitioners/clinics are requested to maintain clear records of practitioner availability in the premises to avoid multiple appointments at the same time.
  • Frequent cancellations of appointments will lead to punitive measures against the practitioner/clinic. Nirog Street has the right to suspend or terminate the account of any practitioner/clinic that does not fulfill their appointments.

Users, practitioners, and clinics are requested to ensure that they book appointments only when they are sure of their availability. For questions or comments, please write to us at