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Each 25 g contain:- Azardichata indica 25 g , Curcuma long 1.875g .Trichosanthes dioica 1.875g ,Jasminium officinale 250 mg ,Pongamia pinnata 250mg, Rubia Cordifolia 250mg, Te.. view detail

SEPTILOC is effective in all type of wounds, cuts and bruises, skin infection, bed sores and burn wounds. Septiloc Ointment has to applied once or twice daily, ensuring a uniform thin layer on the wound. The amount of Septiloc Ointment to be applied will vary depending upon the size of the ulcer/wound area, not exceeding 100 g/day. Hands should be washed thoroughly before applying Septiloc Ointment. The wound/affected part should be properly cleaned using sterile cotton dressing or gauze. Further, the required volume of Septiloc Ointment should be applied directly (if feasible with gentle rubbing) on the wound/affected part for few seconds, followed by dressing of wound as required. If the ulcer/wound does not decrease in size by approximately 30% after 3 weeks of treatment or complete healing has not occurred in 10-12 weeks, continued treatment with Septiloc Ointment should be reassessed

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