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Sitaram Ayurveda - Brahmi Ghrutham

Sitaram Ayurveda

Brahmi Ghrutham

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Classical Medicine - Ghrita

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A ghee based herbal prepararation with Brahmi (Waterhyssop or bacopa) as the prime ingredient. Brahmi is reknowned for its excellent adaptogenic properties.
 It nourishes and revives the brain tissue, sharpens its functions and protects it from the ravages of age and day to day stress.

Ghees or fats are widely acclaimed for their ‘Sookshma’ swabhava, the capability to reach deep into tissues and the central nervous system. It is efficient in
 crossing the blood brain barrier and delivering the therapeutic action in the desired sites of action.Brahmi Ghrta is used to support the treatment of ADHD 
spectrum of diseases and mental dysfunction.

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