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Siddhayu - Siddhayu Wormzwin Herbal De-Worming Syrup


Siddhayu Wormzwin Herbal De-Worming Syrup

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Patent Medicine - Syrup

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EXPEL WORMS NATURALLY: Wormzwin for Kids is a natural anthelmintic or de-worming formulation. It is effective in expelling worms naturally, especially tapeworm and roundworm, and also alleviates associated problems. Relieves associated problems like weight loss, stomach ache, cramps, itching, and vomiting. It also improves metabolism and is gentle on the gut.


POTENT, PROVEN BOTANICALS: Traditionally used and clinically studied herbs like Vidang, Kala Jeera, and Chirayata that are consciously sourced, are rich in the concentration of natural actives and help expel worms in kids.


DESIGNED FOR KIDS: Wormzwin is specifically designed for Kids, it is safe and suitable for kids above 6 months old.


PURPOSEFULLY BITTER: Ayurveda lays a lot of importance on the taste of bitter herbs in the development of a healthy digestive system in the long run. As parents, it becomes crucial to introduce bitters from a young age.


6 months to 23 months: 1 Teaspoon
2 years to 4 years: 2 Teaspoon
5 Years & above: 3 Teaspoon


RECOMMENDED COURSE: 7 to 10 Days before Bedtime.


Shelf Life - 3 Years

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