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Siddhayu Heart Yogue

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Heart Yogue is a scientifically-researched ‘healthy sweet bitters’ formula combining 18 rare herbs and fruits that lend their synergy to strengthen and tone vascular smooth muscles, and indeed the entire physiology. It helps increases the efficient contraction of vascular smooth muscles, which leads to healthy circulation.


HEALTHY SWEET BITTERS: Unique proprietary formulations crafted by Siddhayu blend highly therapeutic fermented bitter herbs with the subtle sweetness of the Woodfordia flower nectar and Manuka Resins. The elaborate six weeks fermentation process garners maximum nutrients and emulates the probiotic activity for a healthy gut and robust immune system.


CLINICAL BACKED AYURVEDA: At Siddhayu, the research team believes in research-backed concepts and products. We use the gold standard of clinical trial protocols to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of outcomes. We get differentiated than merely quoting “clinically tested” to providing statistics behind the substantiation of the indications of the product.


POTENT HERBS AND BOTANICALS: Clinically researched herbs like Arjuna, Punarnava, and Nagkeshar are consciously sourced for their highly efficient bioactive compounds responsible for protecting your health."

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