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Siddhayu - Siddhayu Digee Yogue


Siddhayu Digee Yogue

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Digee Yogue is a vegan, specially-formulated ‘healthy sweet bitters’ digestive for a healthy gut. The potent sweet-bitter herbs are fermented over six weeks along with Woodfordia and Manuka resin to make a blend highly therapeutic and subtly sweetened by flower nectar. The probiotics (friendly bacteria) activity helps to maintain gut flora, improve absorption, and regulate digestive metabolism. Use Digee Yogue to gently cleanse, nourish and restore digestive health.


REGULATES FAT METABOLISM: The Aloe Vera extract in Digee Yogue helps to promote digestive metabolic activities. It contains vitamin B, which helps to convert stored fat to energy - leading to reduced weight.


IMPROVES GUT HEALTH: Digee Yogue is made by slowly fermenting bitter herbs over six weeks along with Woodfordia flower nectar and Manuka resin. This leads to a probiotic (friendly bacteria) activity that helps maintain the delicate microbial flora in your stomach and gut, which are essential for good health.


FASTER NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: Ingenious, traditional fermentation process goes into the preparation of the Digee Yogue. This process slowly extracts the active nutrients from the bitter herbs and adds a load of healthy bacteria. The bitterness stimulates the bitter receptors (on the tongue, stomach, and gut) to secrete essential digestive enzymes – leading to faster and fuller absorption of nutrients, carrying them to the cellular level.



Take 3 Teaspoonfuls with 3 Teaspoonfuls of water, twice daily after meals.


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