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Siddhayu - Siddhayu Appetite Yogue


Siddhayu Appetite Yogue

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STIMULATE YOUR KID’S APPETITE: Appetite Yogue is formulated especially for children to promote healthy appetite in otherwise healthy children. An effective appetite generator with a synergistic action that stimulates the enzyme secretion of the body and naturally improves the desire to eat.


ACTS NATURALLY: Effective appetite generator which improves enzyme secretion and is recommended even for healthy children with poor appetite, frequent stomachache, indigestion.


TRADITIONAL AYURVEDIC HERBS: Traditionally used and studied herbs like Ginger, Aloe vera and Vidang that are consciously sourced, are rich in the concentration of natural active acts in association to improve your appetite by stimulating the digestive enzyme secretion and also alleviates constipation which in turn helps in improved nutrient absorption.


BYE BYE WORMS: It eliminates the parasites (worms) as they are considered as one of the major factors responsible for the loss of appetite in kids. Loaded with herbs that aid detoxification.


AGE GROUP: Herbs used are safe and suitable for children above 6 months of age if given at the suggested dose. Ingredients in the formulation remain gentle on the little tummies by improving appetite, metabolism and ensuring that no extra pressure is added on the gut micro biota.


1 year to 5 years: 1 teaspoon twice a day half an hour before meals.

6 years to 14 years: 2 teaspoons twice a day half an hour before meals.


Shelf Life - 3 Years


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