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Palsinuron Capsule

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Palsinuron Capsule is an ayurvedic medicine used in treatment of paralysis and neuro-muscular disorders of CNS (central nervous system). It is also effective in hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of body) and nerve injury. Palsinuron capsule contains herbal ingredients such as Mahavatvidhwans, Sameer Pannag, Ekangveer ras , Sootshekhar, Lajari and Khurasani Owa.


It is indicated in cases of neuromuscular disorders of CNS and PNS, hemiplegia, general paralysis, facial paralysis, hand shoulder syndrome, convulsions, whole-body stiffness, sciatica, neuralgia (nerve pain), cramps in calf, myalgia (muscle pain) and other neuromuscular problems.



One capsule 2-3 times daily

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