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Rajasthan Aushadhalaya - Well Heart Capsule

Rajasthan Aushadhalaya

Well Heart Capsule

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The heart is an amazing structure, tough yet fragile. A muscle, its network of arteries and veins transport blood through your body, nourishing organs and tissues. When the heart is working as it should, you barely notice it. But when your heart starts acting strangely, you have cause to worry, But with our Well Heart Syrup, heart disease can be treated very successfully. According to Ayurveda, the heart is one of the three main marmas (vital organs).

Different types of srotas (channels) are responsible for the movement and circulation of various elements like dhatus (tissues), energy, wastes and prana (life air). Prana vaha srotas, responsible for the flow of prana in the body, is the important one. The heart is the root of prana vaha srotas. All the main blood vessels originate from the heart. It is also related to ojas (vital fluid), which sustains the consciousness or soul and keeps the person alive. Well Heart Syrup is an ideal and potent combination of proven herbs that helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol & lipid levels already within a normal range.



1 to 2 capsules twice a day


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