Immunity Kit ( Protect Plus)

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Himalaya Neem Tablet 60 tab + Vaidyaratnam Herbal Soap + NirogEssential Hand Sanitizer 100ml view detail

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Patent Medicine - Soap

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Ayurveda Immunity Booster Kit is anecdote to combat poor health and boost your immunity and protect yourself from virus and infection.


This Package consist of

Himalaya Neem Tablet 60 Tab MRP Rs150

Emeritus Hand Sanitizer 100 ml MRP Rs220

Vaidyaratnam Herbal Soap 1 Pc MRP Rs40



Hand Sanitizers: High Isopropyl Alcohol concentration as recommended by WHO to ensure good hygiene.


Neem Tablets: Neem is known to have purifying effect in the blood and flushes out toxins and bacterial from inside of body.


Herbal Soap: Medicated soaps with cleansing agents that are healthier and potent in killing antibodies


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