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Vacha Powder for Anxiety, Depression and Stammering
Carminative, digestive stimulant and antispasmodic
An anti-inflammatory and analgesic herb and helps with arthritis.
Found to be very useful in anxiety and depression
Improves the clarity of speech and treats stammering.
1-3 gms with water or honey as directed by the physician.
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100 gms
VACHA is one of the most renowned herbs used for mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system. In Sanskrit Vacha literally means speaking. It is a strongly aromatic, semi-aquatic perennial herb with a ginger-like stem which spreads into the ground. This rhizome part of the plant is of medicinal use.

Vacha (botanically known as Acorus calamus; Hindi — Bach) is one of the rare medicines which find mention in the Vedas. Later day acharyas worked to find more of its benefits not only to the brain and the nervous system but also to other parts of the body. It has been described as bitter and pungent in taste and hot, sharp, dry and light in effect. It alleviates Kapha and Vata but aggravates pitta. Dry rhizomes of Vacha contain a yellow aromatic oil which is volatile. It also has a bitter substance known as acorin.

In the ayurvedic system, Vacha is used as a nervine tonic and an anti-stammering drug. Experimental studies have shown that it is a potent psycho-pharmacological agent having a positive effect on the memory and the learning process. Many ancient texts have described Vacha as an anti epileptic and anti-hysteric herb. It is also known to possess carminative, digestive, diuretic and mildly sedative properties.

Though as a psychotropic medicine Vacha is beneficial in cases of anxiety and depression, it is best used as a nervine tonic.

Ayurvedic texts suggest that it is the premium herb to be used in cases of mental retardation, stupor, syncope and epilepsy. It is helpful in many other problems like anorexia, chronic gas trouble, hypertension, sluggishness of the liver — and also in skin diseases.

No animal ingredients
No Heavy Metals.
No Added Artificial Flavours.
No Chemical preservatives.
No Pesticides.

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