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Patent Medicine - Churna / Powder

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For Liver Cleanse and Skin Diseases
• Anti-microbial, anti-pathogenic
• Cleanses the blood and liver
• Cleanses the skin by removing acne and scars
• Fights and prevents infection
Dosage :
2-3 gms with warm water

NEEM is one of the most powerful blood-purifiers in Ayurveda. It clears the toxins from the blood. It is a powerful febrifuge, effective in malaria and other intermittent and periodic fevers (in this case it is usually used with black pepper).
Neem can be taken whenever a purification or reduction program is indicated. It clears away all foreign and excess tissue, and posseses a supplementary astringent action that promotes healing. Yet it should be used with discretion when there is severe fatigue or emaciation. The anti-inflammatory effects of Neem coupled with its revitalizing and purgative effects on the liver render it a potent treatment for a great number of skin conditions. As a paste it is very effective against acne, chicken pox and measles, where its astringent and anti-bacterial qualities work well to encourage tissue regeneration. External treatment combined with internal treatment is also very effective for more serious skin and liver related conditions like leprosy, tuberculosis, and ophthalmia, an eye condition resulting from poor liver function.
Ingredients : Neem (Azadirachta indica)

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