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Nayanamritam Kuzhampu

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Nayan Amrita kuzhhampu can rightly be attributed to the treasures of Kerala School of Ayurveda. They are prepared as a nutritious oil infusion and do not contain alcohol or glycerin. This recipe is used castor, and sesame oil. But their main advantage and the healing power that it uses high-Himalayan honey. This is due to their dark rich color.

In fact - it tincture with honey with added oils. Oils used for food, while warming the vessels and raszhizhaya ama in the eye ducts.
These drops are indicated for serious chronic disorders of the eye muscles, changes in the structure of the lens due to cataract, glaucoma, as well as a long wearing glasses.
Indications: an effective tool in the deterioration of vision. It is also possible to use during rehabilitation therapy in conjunction with other Ayurvedic remedies such as Brahmi, Bringradzh, Dhanvantari harbored and others.

1-2 drops in the morning, before washing and before bedtime, after washing.

PS These droplets have a dark color and high density. After drying, some of the components of droplets left on the skin color pigment, which is easily washed off with water, so keep this in mind if you have the need to be in the company after using the drug.

  • Magadhaja - 0,024 g
  • MAricha - 0,040 g
  • Haimavati bija - 0,096 g
  • Soma - 0,160 g
  • Rohini - 0,080 g
  • Kanaka - 0,040 g
  • Tutha - 0,040 g
  • Anjana - 0,040 g
  • Dhatrirasa - 3000 ml
  • Madhu - 10.000 ml (honey)

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