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Kottakkal - Guggulu Tiktaka Ghritam


Guggulu Tiktaka Ghritam

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Kottakkal Guggulu Tiktaka Ghritam is an ayurvedic formulation medicine in ghritam form. It used in inflammatory skin disorders. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Ghrita

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This is an ayurvedic formulation medicine in ghritam form. It used in inflammatory skin disorders


  • NIMBA: Azadirachta Indica
  • GUDUCHI: Tinospora Cordifolia
  • VASA: Adathoda Vasica
  • PATOLA: Trichosanthes Cucumeriana
  • PIPPALI: Solanum Melongena
  • PATA: Cyclea Palteta
  • VIDANGA: Embelia Ribes
  • DEVADARU: Cedrus Deodara
  • GAJA PIPPALI: Pothos Officinalis
  • SHUNTI: Zinziber Officinalis
  • HARIDRA: Curcuma Longa
  • AJAMODA: Anethum Graveolens
  • CHAVYA: Piper Attenuatum
  • GRITHAM: Cows Ghee

Properties and uses:

  • Ø Piles
  • ØCough
  • ØCysts
  • ØAnemia
  • ØAsthma
  • ØArthritis
  • ØTumors
  • ØPsoriasis
  • ØSkin Diseases
  • ØHeart Diseases
  • ØSpleen Diseases
  • ØMetabolic Dysfunction
  • Benefits in----
  • ØImproves digestion
  • ØPurifies blood
  • ØHeals and cures skin disorders
  • ØBalances both Vata as well as Pitta Dosha
  • ØCools inflammation stemming due to aggravated Pitta
  • ØPsoriasis and arthritis have traditionally been healed by using Guggulutiktaka Ghritham
  • ØAccelerates the healing of wounds.

Dosage and Anupan:

About half tsp to 2 tsp before food with anupan of warm water or other medicine.

Side effects:

Yet no side effects and is safe for use but may cause diarrhea in higher dose.

Shelf life:

Maximum up to 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

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