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Amrithaprasa Ghritam

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Amritaprasa Ghritam is a non-vegetarian Ayurvedic medicated Ghee. It contains the juice of goat flesh. It is a nutritive tonic and used to improve strength and fertility. It b.. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Ghrita

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Amritaprasa Ghritam is a non-vegetarian Ayurvedic medicated Ghee. It contains the juice of goat flesh. It is a nutritive tonic and used to improve strength and fertility. It balances Vata and Pitta doshas. It used in the treatment of hiccups, cures, vaginal and urinary ailments.


  • Ghritam Ghee 3.428 ml
  • Kshiram Milk 3.214 ml
  • Chagamamsa Goats meat 0.803 g
  • Dhatri Phyllanthus emblica 3.214 g
  • Vidari Pueraria tuberosa 3.214 g
  • Ikshu Saccharum officinarum 3.214 g
  • Jivanti Leptadenia reticulata 0.025 g
  • Dvikakoli Withania somnifera (sub.) 0.050 g
  • Dvimeda Asparagus racemosus (sub.) 0.050 g
  • Mudgaparni Dysolobium pilosum 0.025 g
  • Mashaparni Vigna radiata var. sublobata 0.025 g
  • Dvijivaka Pueraria tuberosa (sub.) 0.050 g
  • Madhuka Glycyrrhiza glabra 0.025 g
  • Sunthi Zingiber officinale 0.025 g
  • Vari Asparagus racemosus 0.025 g
  • Vira Coccinia grandis 0.025 g
  • Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa 0.025 g
  • Bala Sida cordifolia 0.025 g
  • Bharngi Rotheca serrata 0.025 g
  • Svagupta Mucuna pruriens 0.025 g
  • Ridhi Curculigo orchioides (sub.) 0.025 g
  • Sathi Hedychium spichatum 0.025 g
  • Tamalaki Phyllanthus amarus 0.025 g
  • Kana Piper longum 0.025 g
  • Sringataka Trapa bispinosa 0.025 g
  • Payasya Ipomoea mauritiana 0.025 g
  • Brihati Solanum anguivi 0.025 g
  • Nidigdhika Solanum virginianum 0.025 g
  • Prisniparni Desmodium gangeticum 0.025 g
  • Salaparni Pseudarthria viscida 0.025 g
  • Gokshura Tribulus terrestris 0.025 g
  • Draksha Vitis vinifera 0.025 g
  • Vatama Prunus amygdalus 0.025 g
  • Narikela Cocos nucifera 0.025 g
  • Kharjura Phoenix dactylifera 0.025 g
  • Panasa Artocarpus heterophyllus 0.025 g
  • Kadali Musa paradisiaca 0.025 g
  • Priyala Buchanania lanzan 0.025 g
  • Madhu Honey 1.607 g
  • Sarkara Saccharum officinarum 5.000 g
  • Maricha Piper nigrum 0.050 g
  • Twak Cinnamomum verum 0.050 g
  • Ela Elettaria cardamomum 0.050 g
  • Patra Cinnamomum tamala 0.050 g
  • Kesara Mesua ferrea 0.050 g

Properties and uses

  1. It enhances spermatogenesis.
  2. It improves virile power.
  3. It improves weight, luster, and digestion.
  4. It gives relief from constipation.
  5. It gives strength to brain, nerves, eyes, rectum and other body organs.
  6. It balance Pitta and Vata disorder.
  7. It nourishes gastrointestinal mucosa, lubricates it, enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and strengthens the colonic flora of useful microbes.


  • Oligospermia
  • General and sexual debility
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Weight loss associated with chronic degenerative disorders
  • Burning sensation
  • Cough
  • Gynecological disorders

Dosage and Anupana

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon with water, usually advised before food, once or twice a day or as directed by physician.

Side effects

There is no known side effects reported with this medicine. This medicine should be strictly taken only under medical supervision. People having diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiac problems and high blood pressure should take this medicine under medical care.


Ashtanga Hridaya Chikitsa Sthan- 3/93-97

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