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Amritamehari Churnam

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Kottakal Amritamehari Choornam is a combination of herbal powders that work as anti-diabetic and anti-hyperglycemic. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Choorna / Churna

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Amritamehari churnam is an Ayurvedic formulation also known as Amritadi churnam that balances all three of the Doshas, especially Pitta Dosha. This powerful herb reduces high blood sugar levels, provides the body with antioxidants and improves overall immunity. This wonder classical medicine is used for the treatment of Madhumeha (Diabetes).


The main ingredient of Amrita Mehari Churna is Gurmar, which is well-known anti-diabetic herb. Other herbs in the formulation are supportive herbs that help to enhance the antidiabetic action of Gurmar.

Every 10 gms prepared out of:

1. Amrita

Tinospora cordifolia

1.667 g

2. Dhatri

Phyllanthus emblica

1.667 g

3. Ratri

Curcuma longa

1.667 g

4. Meharimula

Salacia reticulata

5.000 g

Therapeutic uses

  1. This is of proven effect in diabetes and is excellent to reduce urine sugar.
  2. Excellent to reduce weakness.
  3. Good in bladder ailments.
  4. It is also useful in pre-diabetes condition.


3-10 grams twice daily before or after the food according to the condition.

The dose depends upon the blood sugar levels.
Initial dose is 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food.


Warm water, dhanwantara ghritam, vastyamayantakam ghrita.

Side effects

  • There are no side effects reported with Amritamehari Churnam.
  • The safety profile of Amritamehari Churnam is not well established for pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Consult an ayurvedic physician before using Amritamehari Churnam during pregnancy and lactation.

Self life

2 Years from The Date of Manufacture. If once packet opened, it should be finished off within 2-4 months.

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