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Kerala Ayurveda - Pinda Thailam

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Pinda Thailam

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Pinda Thailam is an effective Ayurvedic oil, possessing topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its cooling effect makes it suitable in pitta and Vata dosha-related illnesses developing in bones, joints, muscles, and skin. Pinda thailam is beneficial in providing relief from pain, burning sensation, redness, tenderness, and inflammation. It proves to be beneficial in joint disorders like arthritis and helps improve movement in the joints.



  • Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia)
  • Sveta Sariva (Hemidesmis indicus)


  • Pinda thailam helps reduce pain and burning sensation related to gouty arthritis
  • Decrease the swelling, redness, burning sensation and pounding pain attributed to pitta and vata dosha
  • Pinda thailam is good for all joint disorders and helps reduce pain and inflammatory changes
  • Pinda thailam is suitable to be applied on pitta and vata dosha related illnesses developing in bones, joints, muscles and skin

How to use

  • Applied externally over the affected area as directed by the physician
  • Gout patients should apply this oil daily over the body before bathing

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