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Kalyanaka Ghrita

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Classical Medicine - Ghrita

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KALYANAKA Ghrita : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Nervine & brain tonic, Psychotropic, Immunomodulator, Gonadotropic, Anti inflammatory, Anti-infective, Anti-pyretic & Anti-periodic. Laxative, Carminative & Anti emetic Diuretic & Urinary antiseptic. Haematinic, Anti pruritic, Anti toxic Indication : Epilepsy, Psychosis, Neurosis, Hysteria Speech disorders. Fever, Cough, Rhinorrhoea. Dyspepsia, Piles, Vomiting, Erysipelas, Rheumatoid disease, U.T.I., Male and Female subfertility, Chronic toxicities, Anaemia, Pruritus.

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