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Kerala Ayurveda - Gulguluthikthaka Ghrita

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Gulguluthikthaka Ghrita

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Classical Medicine - Ghrita

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GULGULUTHIKTHAKA Ghrita : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Anti-infective, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-periodic, Immunomodulator, Mild laxative. Indication : Rheumatic & rheumatoid diseases, Inflammatory diseases esp. of head and neck, Cervical lymphadenitis, Tumours, Fistula, Chronic ulcer, UTI, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Cough and Dyspnoea, Diseases of bone, bone marrow and Joints, Neurodermatoses, Toxic states, Anorexia, Gas trouble, Piles, Phthisis & Emaciation, Anaemia and Heart disease.

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