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Kerala Ayurveda - Ashwagandharishta

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Classical Medicine - Arishta / Arishtam

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ASHWAGANDHARISHTA is a powerful rejuvenating tonic generally supporting tissue growth and encouraging vitality. Its primary ingredient, Ashwagandha, is a central plant in Ayurvedic pharmacology because of its potent revitalizing and aphrodisiac effects. It is widely used as a general tonic in the cases of fatigue, debility, and convalescence. It has a sweet and soothing post-digestive effect and a hot energy which is effective in encouraging tissue growth and proper digestion. This blend of herbs is particularly useful in the event of depletion of the muscular and associated tissues where body-ache, tinnitus, lassitude, fatigue, etc. are symptoms, as it is a powerful aid that encourages the formulation of new tissue growth. Further, this treatment has a cleansing and flushing effect on the blood which encourages efficiency of circulation, and consequently is helpful in the treatment of heart-related inflammation, as with edema. Finally, all these effects combined with the nerve-calming effects of several ingredients help induce natural sleep, thus bringing both rest and revitalization, a most potent marriage.

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