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Kerala Ayurveda - Asokarishtam (Ashokarishta)

Kerala Ayurveda

Asokarishtam (Ashokarishta)

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Classical Medicine - Arishta / Arishtam

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Ashokarishta is aptly said to be a ‘companion of women’ as it rejuvenates the female reproductive system and is salutary in treating various gynecological problems. The primary ingredient, Ashoka, is predominantly astringent and cooling in effect which makes it effective in treating uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhoea, and leucorrhoea. It is particularly effective in treating dysmenorrhoea where lower back and thigh pain are associated. The supporting ingredients are also effective in balancing female reproductive processes and hormones and have cooling energy. This combination gently maintains the healthy production of female hormones, helping to regulate and sooth menstruation, and ease the transition into menopause. Furthermore, it is rejuvenating to uterine muscles and lining and consequently is beneficial in the event of a displaced or hypotonic uterus.

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