Varanadi Kashayam (Ayurvedic Medicine for Obesity, Fatty Liver & Rheumatic Disorders)

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Varanadi kashayam is a drug of its kinds in the category of anti-obesity drugs. It is highly effective in obesity, liver disorders, internal abscess, indigestion and chronic a.. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Kashayam / Kwatha

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Varanadi kashayam is the best preferable medication for obesity. Complaints related to obesity like over-weight, palpitation, breathlessness, anaemia, lassitude etc. are cured. Atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia, thyroid dysfunction are remarkably treated well with appropriate dosage of this unique combination of specific herbs.




  1. Perfect for Obese People
  2. Reduces weight
  3. Improves liver disorders
  4. 100% Ayurvedic

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