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Kairali - Sukumaram Kashayam


Sukumaram Kashayam

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This kashayam is a unique ayurvedic medicine to cure hernia, gas trouble, menorrhagia and diseases of ovaries and uterus. Gynecological disorders like premenstrual syndrome, d.. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Kashayam / Kwatha

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Sukumaram kashayam is a formulation of punarnava, dasamoola, patala, bilwa etc which has its remarkable results in the treatment of gynaecological disorders like menstrual syndromes like abdominal cramps, nausea, head ache etc., are cured remarkably with the disciplined intake of kashaya as prescribed by the doctor. Sexual disorders of varying degrees of intensity like impotency; erectile dysfunctions etc are also cured to a remarkable extent. Irrespective of gender, most of the patients have been favoured with Sukumaran kashaya as a special medication for primary and secondary infertility.




  1. Treats woman infertility
  2. Treats indigestion
  3. Treats abdominal pains
  4. Treats acidity, bloating & ulcer

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