SPARUB Balm (Ayurvedic Pain Relief Ointment)

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Sparub is a very effective Ayurvedic pain relief balm (Ointment) with instant pain-relieving action. It is very useful for headaches, common cold, muscle pain, back pain, stif.. view detail

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Kairali's Sparub balm is an effective formula with fast relieving action. It is a proprietary Ayurvedic pain-relieving Ointment which gives amazing result in the condition of headache, common cold, muscle pain, back pain, sprains, stiffness, muscle inflammation and the joint pain.


When this best pain relief gel is applied to the pain area, the massage action relaxes the muscles and gives a cooling sensation, indicating the relief from pain. No skin rashes or any allergies occur when the balm is used on the skin.



  • Ideal for headache
  • For common cold
  • Relieves joint pains and muscular aches
  • Relief from sprains
  • Provides relief from back pain & body pain

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