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Prasarani Thailam

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Prasarani Thailam is an Ayurvedic medicated oil which can be used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and other joint-related pains. It can be used to get relief from conditions lik.. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Oil / Tail

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Prasarani Thailam helps in maintaining the balance between Vatta Dosha and Kapha Dosha. Prasarani Thailam has to be applied externally and massaged over the affected area. The formulation of more than twenty herbs makes Prasarani Thailam the right product that exhibits the properties. The formulation that was formulated thousands of years ago and has been in use over so many generations to fight against a range of medical abnormalities, prove the potency and effectiveness of Prasarani Thailam.


The spectrum of medical abnormalities one gets relief from using Prasarani Thailam includes Sciatica, Facial Paralysis, Stiffness in the head and neck, sprains, any kind of muscle stiffness and rheumatoid arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties of Prasarani Thailam make it an Effective Ayurvedic Product.




  1. Helpful in reducing pain
  2. Effective remedy for rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Has anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Relieves from stiffness in the muscles

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