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Kairali - Manasamitram Gulika


Manasamitram Gulika

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An exceptional Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form for the treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Gulika / Tablet / Vati

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Yet another Ayurvedic marvel in the treatment of diseases that affect mind and several other disorders due to motor neuron lesions affecting the brain. Insomnia, depression, stress, anger and anxiety are well cured with Manasamitram Gulika.


The above said conditions which require disciplined medication is remarkably cured with this special medicine taken according to Physicians advice. Disorders commonly found in children like autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy are also treated well with this special medicine. Medicine for the treatment of stressed-out minds.


It imparts sound sleep and keeps one relieved of anxieties that would otherwise restrain one from being normal in the daily chores. It is a widely used effective Ayurvedic tablet in the treatment of insanity.




  1. Improves memory
  2. Controls depressions
  3. Treats insomnia
  4. Effective in anxiety situations

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