Kayyanyadi Thailam (Ayurvedic Therapeutic Oil for Hair Fall and Growth of Hair)

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Kairali has developed Kayyunyadi Thailam as a dedicated Ayurvedic oil for the treatment of dandruff, rough and dry hairs, scalp dryness, hair fall, premature graying of hairs .. view detail

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Kairali's Kayyunyadi Thailam has been developed as a specialty Ayurvedic hair oil for the treatment of dandruff, dry and rough hairs, scalp dryness, hair fall, premature graying of hairs and impaired hair growth. Regular use of this herbal oil makes hair long, black, and shiny. The vital herbs present in this oil including amla, amrutha, kayyonni, anjana, and others deliver nourishment to the hair roots and stimulate the growth of healthy hairs. Kairali Kayyunyadi Thailam is also beneficial in curing the problem of stress related sleeplessness as it delivers coolness to the head. Eyes problems like those caused due to excessive hot and dry conditions are also relieved through this herbal oil. Bulk packaging of Kairali Kayyunyadi Thailam is available with attractive price benefits towards the B2B trading needs of retailers and distributors. Ayurvedic practitioners requisition the bulk packs for treatment and prescription purpose at clinics. Wellness centers, spas and parlours also use this oil in their hair care therapies.

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