Kalyana Gudam (Ayurvedic Medicine for Skin, Digestive & Liver Diseases)

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Kalyana Gudam is a herbal jam form and is also popular as Kalyanagulam. It is effectively used to treat skin, digestive and liver conditions. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Lehyam / Rasayana

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The benefits of Kalyana Gudam are many-fold, and it is used to treat many conditions. It is a mild purgative and is used in the treatment of skin diseases, diabetes, jaundice and fatty liver changes. Kalyana Gudam corrects disorders like bloating, fistula, ascites and anaemia and is also used to treat digestive problems and flatulence. It also finds use in the treatment of Piles, Bronchitis, Sprue, Cough, Odema and Leprosy. This Ayurvedic product corrects seminal disorders. This Ayurvedic increases appetite by the improvement of digestion and the movement of stool.




  1. Cure cough and asthmatic condition.
  2. Enhance the speech ability
  3. Eliminate inflammations.
  4. Enhance lost vigor of male patients

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