Histadip Capsules (Ayurvedic Medicine for Allergies)

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Histadip capsules is an effective Ayurvedic anti-allergic medicine (antihistamine medicine) that helps to prevent & treat nose allergies and other similar symptoms of allergic.. view detail

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Allergies (Allergic Rhinitis) are very common in this polluted world. It is commonly caused by immune system reaction, bacterial infection, environment or seasonal factors etc. In Kairali, we researched and developed an effective herbal way to treat allergies i.e. Histadip Capsules.


Histadip Ayurvedic medicine for allergies (Nose Allergies) is an herbal formulation of potent herbs with excellent anti-histaminic and anti-pruritic action. This effective anti-allergic Ayurvedic medicine has fast relieving action which helps to deal with the running or itchy nose, sneezing and other allergic rhinitis symptoms.


Histadip Capsules is completely safe and has no side-effects. It helps to protect your body from harmful agents like dust and bacteria which causes allergies.


Effective herbal ingredients like Haridra (Curcuma longa), Neem, Shirish (Aibizia lebbeck) and Ashwagandha in this Capsules that has amazing action against allergies.




  • An anti-allergic with excellent anti-histaminic and anti-pruritic action
  • Fast relief from sneezing, running nose
  • Non-sedative anti -allergic

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