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Kairali - Gulgulupanchapalam Choornam


Gulgulupanchapalam Choornam

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A unique Ayurvedic herbal powder for skin diseases. This medicine is used internally in the treatment of scabies, eczema, chronic wounds, anal fistula and sinus wounds. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Choorna / Churna

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An effective and proven combination of herbs in the treatment of chronic skin diseases. The powerful antibacterial property of this medicine helps in the treatment of chronic infected wounds, anal fistula and other sinus wounds.


The effective anti-inflammatory property of this choornam significantly cures skin rashes, scabies and eczema. Acute sinusitis and ear infections are well treated with apt dosage of this medication. If taken as per physicians advice it purifies the blood and helps in wound healing.




  1. Helps to heal wounds quickly
  2. Treats sinuses, non-healing wounds
  3. Treats skin diseases with worm infestation
  4. Excellent for skin diseases

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