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Kairali - Chandhanadi Thailam (Cheriya Chandhanadi Thailam)


Chandhanadi Thailam (Cheriya Chandhanadi Thailam)

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Kairali has developed Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam as a core Ayurvedic medicine towards correcting body heat imbalances which lead to different disorders and ailments. It is use.. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Oil / Tail

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Kairali's Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam as a versatile Ayurvedic medicine oil that helps in correcting body heat malfunctions which are responsible for generating different ailments and disease conditions. Bulk packaging of Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam is available towards the B2B trading needs of retailers and distributors. Ayurvedic practitioners requisition Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam for treatment purpose at their clinics while herbal wellness parlours also buy the bulk packs. Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam contains select herbs and jadi butis that control body heat functions and develop a good balance. It is helpful in controlling blood loss during menstruation, jaundice and gout. Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam is administered orally, through nostrils, and is also recommended for body massage. Being fully herbal, it is a completely safe and authentic product from the house of Kairali. It is the much recommended Ayurvedic medicine which makes it a highly demanded product! This complements the price benefits offered with the bulk packaging of Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam.

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