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Gentle Baby Wipe

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When it comes to traveling along with your little toddler, the Himalaya herbal wipes make the perfect addition to your bag. Carry these gentle wipes along wherever you go to ensure that your child is always protected against dreaded bacterial infections. These Himalaya herbal baby wipes have a pleasant scent that keeps your baby smelling fresh long after a diaper change. Close your pack of Himalaya-scented baby wipes to maintain their freshness and moisture with the resealable cover. The mild ingredients in these soft baby wipes ensure that there is no irritation with constant use of these wipes. Buy baby wipes at a great price to ensure that your baby's skin remains fresh, clean, and moisturized at all times.


Key Features

  • Wipe gently with the power of herbs
  • Featuring the herbal ingredients Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus to gently cleanse your little one's skin
  • Free from Parabens, Animal Fats & Synthetic Colors, the usual factors for allergies & rashes
  • Gently cleanses baby’s skin leaving it soft and hydrated
  • Ensures healthy glowing skin

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